Vodafone Fiji Fashion Week Pop Up Show on Pier Street Deemed a Success

By Jazzlr 04-Apr-2023 Comments (0)
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The Suva Retailers Association and Suva on Sale collaborated to organize the first-ever Vodafone Fiji Fashion Week Pop-Up Show. The event was set up in Pier Street, which has been deemed a triumph. Ellen Whippy-Knight, the founder of Fiji Fashion Week, revealed that there are plans to hold more pop-up shows.

Whippy-Knight reported that the fashion industry has made a significant comeback following the COVID-19 pandemic. Which indicates a bright future for the industry. She emphasized that fashion is an ideal choice for those who want to pursue a career using their artistic skills. 

The Impact of the Vodafone Fiji Fashion Week Pop-Up Show on the Fashion Industry and Local Businesses

The Vodafone Fiji Fashion Week Pop-Up Show on Pier Street was a resounding success, with a wide range of designs and styles showcased. The high-quality garments, which were a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles, impressed the attendees. The event also provided an opportunity for local designers and retailers to promote their businesses. 

The Pop Up Show was unique in that it was not held in a traditional venue but instead was set up temporarily in a busy street. This was a strategic move, as it allowed the event to reach a wider audience and create a buzz in the community. At the show, the latest fashion trends in Fiji thrilled a large crowd of locals and visitors alike.

The success of the Pop Up Show has paved the way for more events of this nature, as it has demonstrated the potential of taking the show to the people. Whippy-Knight noted that this approach would be beneficial in promoting the fashion industry and increasing its visibility.

The Vodafone Fiji Fashion Week Pop-Up Show resoundingly succeeded and has had a significant impact on the fashion industry. It has demonstrated the potential of holding events in non-traditional venues and reaching a wider audience. Furthermore, the event has underscored the importance of collaborations in promoting the fashion industry and supporting local businesses.

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