Taipei Fashion Week 2023: A Celebration of Creativity, Diversity, and Sustainable Fashion

By Jazzlr 04-Apr-2023 Comments (0)
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Taipei Fashion Week recently returned for its sixth year, providing a platform for both emerging and established Taiwanese designers. The event began with an opening show titled “CrossLab: Dialogue Between Traditional Performance, Craftsmanship, and Fashion,” followed by a Sustainable Collections group show later in the week. Overall, the Fall Winter 2023 season featured collections by 11 fashion brands and three “new breed” designers, offering a diverse range of styles and themes. 

Throughout the event, designers explored a wide range of themes, from the intersection of traditional craft and fashion design to the future of fashion and the beauty of our planet. In keeping with the Taipei Fashion Week’s five core themes of sustainability, function, diversity, interdisciplinarity, and humanity, each designer brought their unique perspective and vision to the runway. 

One standout collaboration was between C JEAN designer Chun-Yuan Jean and master lacquer artist Qinq-Shuang Wang. Together, they created intricately detailed pieces that combined the craft of high lacquer painting and high-end bespoke fashion, resulting in exquisite works of wearable art. 

Other designers drew inspiration from nature, with Claudia Wang showcasing feminine but deconstructed styles in vivid patterns and colorful hues, while Daniel Wong leaned into the fantasy and florals. Meanwhile, ZEIT x CHOW des HOMME looked towards to the future with their metallic and edgy genderless outfits, emphasizing sharp tailoring and innovative design. 

The “New Breed” shows were also a highlight of the event, shining a spotlight on the next generation of designers to watch. One standout was HANSEN’s show, which showcased timeless yet thoroughly modern garments that cemented the designer’s buzzworthy status. 

Overall, Taipei Fashion Week 2023 was a celebration of the creativity, innovation, and diversity in fashion. From traditional craftsmanship to futuristic design, each designer brought their unique perspective to the runway, making for a truly unforgettable event.

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