Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo: Reviving Japan’s Fashion Industry Amidst Covid-19 Restrictions

By Jazzlr 23-Mar-2023 Comments (0)
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Over the past year, Japan has been working towards reviving its internal fashion industry after easing its Covid restrictions. The AW23 edition of Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo (FWT) was focused on this task and marked the first time since the pandemic.

The official calendar comprised a total of 58 fashion houses. Also, with 42 presented in-person catwalk shows, and 16 opted for digital presentations. With the government lifting Covid-19 restrictions throughout the country, the fashion week’s headline sponsor, Rakuten, is also focusing on improving the domestic economy. The tech company provides various services for Japanese and international firms.

With a primary focus on fashion, its biggest industry, operating both online and offline. Rakuten has been ramping up its efforts in the sector in recent years, launching a US site and introducing new categories such as luxury fashion.

Since the pandemic hit, the company has been particularly focused on supporting local brands. Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo serves as an important platform for Japanese designers to showcase their work and expand their businesses.

The event is not only a showcase of Japan’s creativity and innovation but also a significant contributor to the country’s economy. With the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, Japan’s fashion industry has the opportunity to grow and thrive once again. The events like Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo will continue to play a vital role in its recovery.

Rakuten became a sponsor for FWT in late 2019, just before the pandemic caused a global shutdown, leaving uncertainty about the fashion week’s future. However, the company remained committed to supporting the event.

Also, the event shifted its focus towards assisting Tokyo’s fashion industry. It has particularly by making it more appealing to buyers, the press, and the public. One of Rakuten’s first actions was to bring strong Japanese brands back to FWT.

Rakuten launched the ‘By R’ project in 2020, as international travel restrictions prevented brands from participating in overseas fashion shows. The initiative has continued in subsequent seasons, with the aim of encouraging designers to return to Japan to present their latest collections on the FWT stage.

Rakuten’s efforts have focused on supporting Japanese designers, promoting their work, and helping them expand their businesses. By bringing established brands back to FWT, the company has helped to showcase Japan’s fashion industry to a global audience. Rakuten’s commitment to supporting the event despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. It has contributed to the industry’s recovery and its initiatives. It has played an essential role in promoting the growth and sustainability of Tokyo’s fashion industry.

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