Bollywood Divas Give a Hint of Upcoming Summer Trend for 2023

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With summer just around the corner, fashion enthusiasts all around the world are eagerly anticipating the latest fashion. Bollywood divas are leading the way when it comes to fashion, giving us a sneak peek at what’s to come.  

One of the biggest trends that we can expect to see this summer is the revival of bold and colors. Bollywood actresses have already started showcasing this trend on their social media handles and oranges being some of the most popular choices. This bold color is perfect for summer, adding a touch of fun and excitement to any outfit.

Orange and Tangerine Pants: The Bold and Vibrant Statement Pieces Taking Over the Fashion World

In any collection of clothes, orange pants can serve as a daring and impactful element. Recently, trousers in a shade of tangerine have also established themselves as a common sight. It frequently appearing on runways and being donned by top celebrities in the field. With its striking and lively hue, this color has garnered much attention, and it’s easy to understand why. Although orange may not be a conventional color for fashion, its distinct characteristics can offer designers a valuable tool.

Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani, the Bollywood diva, donned a stunning bright orange pantsuit that perfectly blended a formal and playful aesthetic. She opted for understated yet elegant jewelry that complemented her outfit, and her makeup was kept natural. The vibrant shade of orange complemented her skin tone and helped her stand out in a sea of monotone outfits. Her fashion-forward choice showcased her impeccable taste in style and cemented her place as a trendsetter in the fashion world.

Ananya Panday

Ananya Panday, Bollywood actress, incorporated the bold and lively hue of orange into her ensemble with a striking striped top. The top was perfectly paired with a pair of high-waisted trousers that were tailored to perfection. Her accessories played a significant role in elevating her outfit – she carried a stunning bag in a vivid tone that complemented the orange hue of her top and paired it with nude heels that helped elongate her legs. Her bold choice of colors and expertly curated outfit showcased her fashion sense and made a powerful fashion statement.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, the Indian superstar, broke away from the usual casual airport attire of hoodies and sweatpants with her off-duty look that was effortlessly chic. She opted for a coordinated ensemble of a bright orange shirt and trousers, perfectly tailored to her body shape, making a bold fashion statement. Her choice of accessories elevated the simplicity of the outfit, as she paired it with minimal accessories that added just the right amount of elegance and sophistication to her look. Her oversized sunglasses served both as a fashion accessory and practical eyewear that provided the necessary sun protection.

Priyanka Chopra

Observers spotted Priyanka Chopra, the global icon, making a fashion statement with her bold choice of outfit in the bustling streets of Manhattan. Additionally, the vibrant and energetic hue of orange was the highlight of her ensemble. The outfit consisted of a stunning pair of pants paired with a simple yet elegant black top. Furthermore, the orange pants perfectly complemented her skin tone and exuded a sense of confidence and charm. Additionally, her choice of a simple black top served as the perfect canvas for the striking color of her pants to stand out.

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